You said before you had an identity crisis about a year ago now? How did that feel, and how did you make it through? It feels like I am lost.

I started a company and every time I started thinking about how sad and fucked up I felt I started to put energy into that and it made me feel better… like I had purpose and motivation and then I started to recreate who I was and what I wanted. I was also gentle with myself… I think when you lose who you are and have to rebuild you have to experience every possible emotion to get to know yourself again.

I know myself now better than ever, my company is flourishing and I have the most beautiful people in my life. PLUS, I think I’m a much better person for having gone through it.Β 

I hope this helps! <3 xoxo

I just saw your post about 40% at MK and I am SO EXCITED! I've been wanting the Witch Bitch tee forever and now it's in my price range! Even after shipping to the States! You are so fabulous!

You’re so welcome, I hope you love it!! Xoxox

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