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Exclusive sneak peek of the spring/summer Mermaid Killer women’s lookbook! 

We had the craziest weekend running around Vegas. 

I can’t believe that my life is this! I get to built my own company with my best friends and fave people! 

Featuring Stephanie Michelle, Ria, Dani Armando, Brooke Slattery and I. Shoes by Iron Fist. Makeup by Impulse Cosmetics.

Photo by Evan Jones.

I’ve had such a phenomenal start to 2014!

Not only on a personal note, but on a professional note too. I’m so proud of this collection, a lot of work went into it and can’t wait to launch it this weekend.

Having the big fashion showcase in America (!!) was so amazing. I put so much work into the show and everyone absolutely loved it! I feel so accomplished and proud of my feats and so thankful that I have the chance to do something I love and have people enjoy it! Everyone was incredible, the team and models in the show really could not have been better.

Last night I spent the evening driving and walking around Hollywood with two of the greatest people I know shooting the men’s look book and the night before that we shot in the most amazing apartment in Korea-town with one of my favourite new friends Stephanie.

Everything is just so phenomenal right now and all the hard work I have been putting in to get myself and my life and my company on track is finally paying off. <3 <3 <3

Oh, this is me on stage at the end of the runway show with one of the models. I look terrified hahaha